The 2013 Worlds had many memorable moments. Many for the wrong reason. I started this thread to wade through the many 100 + pages of posts. Why should you care? Really, no reason at all. We all have opinions.

Thank you to Universal Sports for providing so many hours of skating. Perhaps unprecedented? Don't know, certainly recently.

Congrats to so many skaters for living up to their dreams. Some of the stories were big, some small but personal.

Special kudos for Davis/White and Gold/Wagner for securing 3 spots. No surprise for D/W - but please, let's not take them for granted. Gold /Wagner - hopefully you get 2 of the 3 spots you made happen.

That's the (limited) good, bad (really- not so much bad) and the ugly (more so). The ugly? Skaters still being held up. (I had to explain to a crowd of friends gathered, what being "held up" meant- unfortunate.) No one cares what I think- and really, none of us should care, we all just want to hear that we are agreed with- no one's opinion is really changed by these boards.

All this said. I am from the US, but I like good skating. I don't care about nationality. Yes, very happy for Davis/White (although, huge V/M fans- just thought D/W had it this season) and thrilled Gold/Wagner secured 3 spots for US women.

Sigh. But Chan for the win? Kostner for the silver? It's a disgrace. I might look past Chan because of his glorious SP, but who can get past Kostner's grotesque 2-program fiasco? The phrase being "held up" refers to a person being robbed. Kostner- a likeable and talented young lady- held no one up. The judges did it.

The judging? And the ISU? Shame on you. Many of the holes and pockets of favortism have been exposed. You might want to read the press on what is considered to be one of the most impressive, yet scandolous World's of recent memory. Your behaviour has not gone unnoticed, but the clandestine conclaves will continue. As they have forever. Salt Lake City/IJS... what have you wrought?

Last thought- how can we get US audiences to care again about skating again?