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Not sure what you are smoking ... endorsement money? Didn't skate at a high level in her last championship season? You mean when she by Yuna for the gold at the worlds?!?

If you don't like Miki, that is your choice ... but this logic is very flawed.
1. I didnt say she didnt skate at a high level in her last championships season. Just that her level in her last championship season would not cut it now at the very top level. Do you really think the Miki of the 2011 Worlds or 2010-2011 season would come within 20 points of the Kim at the 2013 Worlds, never mind potentially beating her, LOL! You know full well the Kim of the 2010 Olympics, 2013 Worlds, even 2009 Worlds is a whole different animal than the one Ando eked past at the 2011 Worlds, and the former and current version is one Ando is simply not capable of being competitive with, even at her all time peak. I doubt she would beat Kostner or Asada either, maybe with her 2011 4CCs competition which was probably her best overall skating ever (she jumped better in some events in the 06-07 but had improved her artistry and overall skating since then by 2011), if Kostner and Asada made the mistakes they made at Worlds, but that is it. At this point returning to her 2011 level would be hard enough, never mind taking it a whole other level which is what she would need to even have serious medal aspirations.

Now in the event the level of skating was as it was in 2011 and 2012, then a 26 year old Ando might be motivated to try and return (although given the reports on her depression and loss of motivation again in her time off, I wouldnt bet on it even then), but not as it is now. She wouldnt even get #1 Japanese status back even if she came back skating well. The JSF always have preferred Mao to Miki, Miki's only year as the true Japanese #1 was that 2010-2011 season, which was the first of two seasons Mao was tinkering with all her jumps and a mess, and Mao is skating well enough now she comfortably will have that support next season no matter what anyone else does; which almost artificially holds all other Japanese off the podium barring something unlikely happening considering on the World stage Mao is clearly 3rd slot behind both Kim and Kostner at the moment, not just based on the World results but in general.

2. It is a well known fact the only reason Ando was sent to the 2006 Olympics when she was having a very bad season was the attention and extra money that her being at the Games meant for the Japanese. Miki is EXTREMELY popular in Japan, and always has been. Only Asada rivals her popularity in the country in the post Ito years. This was before she even became a World Champion. So that is why I speculated even if she did return as an old past her prime skater who wasnt skating near prime, and wasnt even skating as well as Suzuki is now, she would still be sent to the Games over Suzuki just because she is Ando, and they would even rather send a bad Miki ala 2006 who might come 15th than a peaking Suzuki who might come 7th. The end of this season ends Suzuki as a medal hopeful of any sort, so even if Ando didnt return at her best (I agree if she returned at her best she would be an outside medal hopeful, and would almost certainly place higher than a now fading Suzuki would, but I dont think she would be her best even if she returned), that would just mean neither would do anything meaningful competitively for the country, so they would just send the one who would garner more interest and that is Ando by far.

Anyway I am not going to respond to any further comments regarding Ando. I am not dissing her, just dont see what her motivation would be to come back, or why it would be likely. Her competitive chances are not good enough to make it worthwhile, she is 26 or 27 years old, and she seems to be down on motivation from all reports too.