Yeah, whatever else you can say about Voir, they are indeed THAT GOOD, which is why it is so frustrating that they haven't really advanced since Vancouver. A good part of that has to do with Tessa's chronic shin problems, But a good part of it can be laid to choreography. For me, Carmen has a brilliant opening, a brilliant closing half, but sags in the middle when they glom traditional ice dancing in-hold patterns to the exciting tres moderne stuff that came before and after. They had the same problem with their samba long--genius opening, exciting close, saggy middle. And don't get me started about Funny Face--a second-rate knock off of a second-rate musical (it should tell you something when the two most memorable numbers in a Fred Astaire musical--the incomparable "Think Pink" sung by the legendary Kay Thompson and the hilarious bebop parody danced by Audrey Hepburn--do not involve Fred Astaire at all! And really the *best* part of that movie is Audrey's modeling montage in Paris). And there is no guarantee AT ALL that Marlie are going to dominate next year like they did this year. That's the reason why this rivalry is so good. In fifty years I bet people will still be talking about it.

Really, it's fine to be a fan of one dance team or another, but give credit where credit is eminently due.