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    Gracie got the same PCS at Worlds, nearly, as she got at US Nationals, with a program that was not as well skated as at Nationals. She earned her second place spot at Nationals, and her trip to Worlds. Furthermore, she finished 6th in her Worlds debut and helped Ashley get those 3 spots for Olympics, one of which Christina may be lucky enough to earn.
    Gracie's 5th place finish in the Worlds LP, PCS highlighted. Note that again, she beat Ashley in the LP:
    Gracie GOLD USA 125.40 65.22 60.18 7.57 7.25 7.61 7.57 7.61 0.00 #13

    Gracie's winning US Nat's LP scores

    Free Skate Score Executed Elements Factored Program Components Deductions

    132.49 71.14 61.35 0.00

    Comparing Kovtun to Gracie is simply not warranted, particularly when you're trying to make a case for Gao, whose last performance as a junior was last year's Junior Worlds, at which she finished 7th.

    a date that was exactly the same as Gracie's last junior competition and a competition in which Gracie placed 2nd.

    So I see no comparison whatsoever between Kovtun, who finished behind Menshov and Voronov at Russian Nationals & bombed at Worlds, and Gracie, who finished ahead of Mirai, Agnes & Christina at US Nationals, and beat Ashley in the LP, and who finished a very respectable sixth at Worlds in a very competitive field.

    Gracie did not get any outstanding favors. She did not get a Skate America berth, for example. Christina did.

    In fact, in a world where USFS might have been trying to give Gracie advantages, she would have gotten a 2nd JGP assignment in the 2011 2012 season rather than being given her only chance at the very last JGP so there was no way she could earn at JGPF slot.

    So no, I don't see any similarity at all between the Russian fed's treatment of Kovtun & USFSA and Gracie.
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