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Ashley at Sochi would "only" be 22, but time is running out to up her technical content. Compare her to skaters who have been successful in their later years- Caro, Miki, Shizuka, Joannie. All those 4 are some of the strongest technical skaters to have ever laced up. Oh, you might find a lip here and there, and a loss of some 3-3's, but their jumps are usually secure, sound, rotated.
What about Kiira and Laura though? Or even Czisny that one season she did very well internationally? They weren't the strongest jumpers and didn't do well because of consistently hitting hard combos and reeling off triple after triple. I know Czisny has her spins and Kiira and Laura sometimes have 3t-3t, but, idk, I do think some skaters are rewarded for their maturity and artistry and will do well provided they skate well. Now are these three skaters really considered the best of the best? No, perhaps the bottom of the top tier, if that makes sense, but Laura did win bronze at Worlds (even if how she got to it was somewhat a joke) and had a 4th place FS at the Olympics, and all 3 have a number of international medals.