I have a pair of Jackson freestyle 2010 size 7 1/2 B figure skates for sale. Skates are in great condition the only flaw they have is some cuts on the left toe due do the blades during a spin. They also come with Ultima Mirage Blades, Superfeet yellow inserts, Hard blade covers, bunny soakers and red zebra soakers.

About Jackson Freestyle figure Skates
Retail Value $250-300

Jackson Freestyle skates are an excellent choice for a figure skater who is advancing from the beginner level to an intermediate or advanced level. The boots are comfortable and are not that heavy. The extra padding adds to the comfort of the boot. The soles are durable and the boots are strong.

Polyurethane coated leather upper for easy care
Microfiber lining
Flex notch for added flexibility
Contoured backstrap for improved ankle fit
Full quarter and extra ankle padding
Solid brass hooks won't break or bend
PTR insole is strong, torque resistant, lightweight, won't absorb moisture

About Ultima Mirage Blades
Retail Value $80

Manufactured to exacting specifications, this model shares many of the features previously available only on more expensive models. Designed to accommodate all basic skills and advanced skills required of the beginner-advanced Freestyle or Dancer.


Straight cut picks
Chrome finish
Standard heel
All purpose profile
Freestyle usage
8' Rocker
1/2" Radius of Hollow

About the Superfeet Yellow inserts
Retail Value $28-40

Designed to fit the exact heel-to-toe profile of footwear with an elevated heel such as skates, road cycling shoes and track spikes, Superfeet YELLOW adds fit, comfort and performance to any slim footwear with a raised heel. YELLOW now features a wider forefoot to provide full underfoot coverage. The Diamond Venting™ system aligns with the perforated outsoles of hockey skates and road cycling shoes for improved air circulation.


Ideal for feet with low to medium arches, but fits all arch types.


Hockey and figure skates, road cycling shoes, track spikes and western boots.