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Absolutely...where are all the yuna ubers...seems like hundreds were everywhere 3 years ago. Yuna herself didn't seem all that thrilled. Yes it is ethnocentric...that is the point. CANADA! LAND OF WINTER SPORTS ESP HOCKEY/FS! They have Chan, Osmond, Virtue Moir GOOD PAIR TEAMS! dumb cap key. Anyway, 7,000 is very small. Ten years ago CSOI I'm sure could sell that easily.

The scoring may be producing some interesting skaters but clearly it's an issue for 6.0 fans of many years. Not televising it is crazy here in US. I looked but found nom NBC coverage, but I'm away so, maybe I missed it? I found nothing on NBC website. Anyone know if next weekend there will be some coverage? At least gold medal ice dancers? It is dreadful...can't grow new fans without TV coverage.
Right. Too bad USFSA went down to the crossroads and sold its soul to the devil (Universal). Short term greed for a long-term decline in the sport. It's not the only reason the sport is dying here in the US, but it's a significant one.

I mean, are there NO successful business and marketing professionals working for USFSA?! Broadcast the major competitions for free!! Promote the heck out of the skaters - get them out on the talk show circuits! In fashion magazines! Gracie Gold is made for US media with her youth, All-American beauty, athleticism and soaring success!!!