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Also, IJS has resulted in much better overall skating. We go back to 6.0 and we'll see:

- 3-3 combos in ladies and quads in men's disappear since you're not penalized for not including either in a program so why risk it
- spins go back to 2 basic positions for 6 rotations; edge changes and difficult positions will be removed; fewer Biellmanns
- back to basic footwork (forget seeing a rocker/counter/loop again)
- shorter spirals
- easier throws and SBS jumps in pairs; easier death spirals
- Hanyu would just go into a 3A with a regular entry since there's no benefit to doing a counter before it
- program transitions would be reduced considerably, as well as steps leading into jumps
- ice dance will become theatre on ice again with pre-determined standings with teams not moving unless they make glaring errors, not that it mattered for Grishuk/Platov winning gold
I don't think all of these are a bad thing,

- Only Yuna does hard 3-3 combos of the top ladies. Under 6.0 every lady would be doing a lutz and a flip (except Mao doing an axel and flip), rather than a loop and a toe-toe. So I don't think the technical level is higher at all just because a lot of girls are doing a 3T-3T in the short.
- I prefer spins done well rather than skaters trying to contort into uncomfortable looking positions just to hit levels. Although I do admit I like that difficult spins are rewarded, whereas you didn't need to spin well if you jumped well under 6.0.
- Yes, footwork will be easier but I do like that shorter footwork gives the skater more time to execute choreography.
- Shorter spirals? The is no spiral sequence now. And I miss it.
- I don't necessarily agree that pairs jumps will be easier. Difficulty still isn't rewarded in the pairs jumps so the favorites will continue to do easier elements and make up for it on the 2nd mark.
- There really isn't much benefit for Hanyu to do the difficult entry as it is because it only adds very little the the scoring of the jump (+1). But yes he does the entrance for that point.
- I'm ok with fewer transitions because so many skaters don't do them well, with Patrick being an obvious exception. Kaetlyn, for example, does a lot but the positions are sloppy and I think I'd enjoy her programs more if she focused on her line.
- Ice dance was greatly improved under COP, I agree.

Overall, aside from ice dancing, I don't agree that all these "evolutions" have improved skating. Yes, it has made it harder but the programs are too hard for these skaters to perform clean, which is why you can have an excellent skater made several major errors and still win. For me, it makes the sport less approachable for the casual fan.