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meanwhile today Weir is a much weaker skater than the top current U.S men, even as unremarkable on the World stage as they might be, in addition to that he wont be geting any boost from USFSA preferential treatment. Which leaves him with no chance. Pretty simple.
Johnny and Evan have not been skating competitively for two years and their bodies are a lot older too. The fact Johnny worked hard to get in shape to come back for himself and his fans is admirable. He didn't say he was coming back and then not do it. Johnny skated competitive programs at Finlandia in his comeback debut and placed fourth. He was hampered by injury (his body no longer used to the rigors of competition) at Rostelecom Cup. From what I hear, he's still planning to compete at Nationals in January.

I respect Johnny's decision to try and come back but I'd rather see him and Evan competing on a Pro Tour, which likely will never happen, however hopefully they both will go on to do shows and get over their desire to compete as eligible skaters in Sochi. At this point, I would be happy to see Johnny in shows and to hear his commentary in the broadcast booth. But as a fan, I support him in whatever decisions he makes in regard to his skating.

Johnny's relationship with USFS has improved or they would never have assisted in his effort to come back. However, I doubt Johnny has ever expected nor is expecting now any "preferential" treatment from USFS or from any judges. Since you're not the God of Johnny Weir, it's "pretty simple" that you don't get to decide what his "chances" on the ice and in life are or will be.

Now, back to Ross Miner:

Thanks so much mskater93 for your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. ITA with your assessments regarding how Ross' coaches are guiding him, and the significance of his work with his new choreographers!