There is a ton of Mirai overrating in this thread. If you like her and want her to be on your fantasy Olympic team, that is fine. However more chances to medal than Agnes and Gao? The chances for all 3 of those ladies to medal in Sochi is exactly zero, so how can one evaluate who has more chance, lol! Even Wagner and Gold have quite small chances to medal, and they are light years beyond any other American in international respectability at the moment. NHK was the absolute bet Nagasu can skate at this stage of her career, and it still was a very distant 3rd in a field with only about 3 of the top 12 skaters today. Mao skated lamely with 3 triples and still beat Nagasu not only overall but even in the LP, yet Mao would be about 8th at Worlds with a skate like that.

As for sending her to the Olympics if she didnt finish top 3 at Nationals, that is quite the joke. A skater who has been 7th the last 2 years at Nationals. If anything Nagasu might be one of the skaters the USFSA considers having a skateoff for the Olympic team or something like that, if she finishes 3rd at Nationals, unless she has a great grand prix series. Forget the idea of her being sent over people who finish higher at Nationals, Wagner and Gold (if by some miracle either is out of the top 3 at Nationals) are the only ones who might get extended such a courtesy or would have earned it with anything they did the last year or so. No Mirai will have to come 3rd (or higher) at Nationals if she wants to go to the Games, and if she wants to do that it will take a very strong whole season probably, and great performances at Nationals with no UR calls. Anything less and it isnt going to happen.

As for the comparision to Zawadzki and Gao, peak Mirai (2010-2011) was probably a better skater than either might ever be, but both are more likely to be around longer, possibly even to 2018, neither has recently regressed like Nagasu even if they arent improving the way the USFSA might hope either, so in terms of looking to give someone the experience that could benefit the U.S in the years they come they would probably be more favorable in that regard, so yes more likely in a close call they would get the benefit of the doubt (although Gao hasnt gotten much love from US judges in the past, while Agnes arguably gets too much). Mirai is basically just looking to wrap up a respectable although enigmatic Senior career with one more trip to the Olympics.