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Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves I doubt that Edmunds, without any international JUNIOR experience, will spontaneously sprout wings, fly up the ranks, and qualify for the Olympics next year. As mskater93 said, she has technical weaknesses--edge calls on the 3F and a recurring UR problem that NEEDS to be fixed ASAP. She looked absolutely lovely in her flowing white FS costume at Junior Nationals, but she isn't the breakthrough star that Gracie Gold was, and she probably won't even attempt to skate in the 2014 Senior Nationals. Edmunds' time will come in 2018, in Pyeongchang.

But yes. It's almost terrifying how time flies, right?
Edmunds has already competed as a junior at US Nationals for 3 seasons and won the title this seasons so I'm pretty sure she will compete at senior Nationals next season...and she is a breakthrough star like Gracie Gold she's just younger and breaking out a year later and USFS already jumped on the Gracie Gold bandwagon so they are not going to treat Polina the same way, there's not time for her to become established enough to be a big hope for Sochi. There's a small chance she could make the team, but only as a 3rd entrant and not one USFS would really be expecting much from. Gracie is good but I'm not convinced she's way better than a lot of the other girls, she just happened to break onto the scene at the right time when USFS needed a go-to ladies star and no one else was a strong bet so they went with her and her PCS astronomically increased over the course of a few months time (without her artistry visibly improving dramatically IMO).