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Like Miki, Ashley is a fighter and is confidence in her ability to consistently land jumps. She'll work hard and train the hard tricks and put them out there when she needs them. I think now she's getting the memo she needs them so I think we will see her trying.
Both are fighters (ambitious, determined), but there is a major difference. Miki was a jumping prodigy, the only lady on record who landed a ratified quad salchow--as a junior--at Junior World's no less! I don't believe she ever duplicated this as a senior. She was always admired for her beautiful jumps, and as her skating matured she developed a beautiful style and artistry. I remember Ashley well--when she placed third to Marai's first & to Caroline's second as juniors at 2007 Spokane Nationals. She was aggressive and fearless in her skating. That trio swept the medals a few weeks later at Junior World's only Caroline took the gold, Marai second, and again, Ashley in third. Flash forward 6 years, and Ashley garnered Gold at Nationals and her Jr. World's colleagues were competitors but didn't medal--a testament to Ashley's consistent drive!

As to Ashley's 3/3 combo and 2x/3....I yearn for her success with them. It seems as they've been in process during most of this past season with a brave attempt (unsuccesful) of the 2x/3t at the recent World's. I believe that she has to be comfortably successful with both, early in the upcoming season if she has any hopes of hitting them at Nationals, even more so at Olympics. She has developed a beautiful artistry over the years AND if she can achieve those tough combos, she should be a serious medal contender at Olympics.