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Thread: Documentary on Daisuke's 2012-13 season and beyond (ENG SUB)

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    Documentary on Daisuke's 2012-13 season and beyond (ENG SUB)

    Originally aired on Japanese TV on December 23, 2012. (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!)

    Four parts:

    1. The training throughout his 2012-2013 season is highlighted.
    2. The "new era" of young men's skaters (Chan, Hanyu, and Fernandez in particular) is breathing down his back.
    3. His challenges with the quad (he admits that he and the toe-loop jump are not exactly the best of friends.)
    4. Training with Morozov for a few months in Russia.
    5. Russian vegetable dishes from the hotel buffet are apparently very good.
    6. He handwashes his underwear using a plastic washboard in Russia because he doesn't want to pay extra expenses for laundry service.
    7. Coach Nagamitsu is like his mom. Seriously. That's devotion. ("If polished, he will shine" is what she thought of him when they first met.)
    8. The other members of Team Takahashi!
    9. His long program at the 2010 Olympics (That he received the highest PCS of the night was well-deserved. Also, in the K&C, he said that he didn't think that his performance had been enough for a medal--I'm glad he was wrong.)
    10. (I'm starting to think he should go for a different quad.)
    11. Daisuke ... I don't think that fish is going to look at you even if you whistle at it.
    12. He and Coach Nagamitsu fight over who gets to feel regret over a bad performance first.
    13. Daisuke is candid about his place in the sport (relative to Hanyu).
    14. Training with Morozov was actually increasing his quad success rate in practice.
    15. Grand Prix Final 2012-2013.
    16. Seriously, his partnership with Coach Nagamitsu is so heart-warming.
    17. Concludes with his long program at Japanese Nationals. (Yeah, you show those quads who's boss, Daisuke!)

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    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for posting these videos!! My admiration for Daisuke has reached even higher levels after watching this documentary--what a guy!!!

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    Thank you for the video!!!

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