19-23 Mar 2013, Stary Oskol

http://fsrussia.ru/lib/89_pervenstvo-ml-vozrast-2013/ - Schedule (time Moscow)
http://yatv.ru/FSRussiaRu/ Live Stream
http://fsrussia.ru/upl/results/1213/zhuk2013/index.htm - Online Results (often Offline, only after the skating)
(all Russian language)

Boys, girls.
Elder age - born at 2000-2001. Elements, SP, FS. Junior Program.
Younger age - born at 2002 and younger. Elements, SP, FS. Novice Program.

Elements are - one jump (performed twice, jumps may be different of the same, scored is best result - for example first may be 3F< with fall, second 2Lz, scored is that of two jumps that had higher score), one Combo of two jumps (performed twice, combos also may be different or the same, scored is best result), one spin, one StSq. Score of Elements is twiced and added to SP and FS score.
Famous coach Stanislav Zhuk tested skaters by this set of elements.