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Hey Robeye - thoroughly enjoyed your posts this morning. So refreshing after the "he shouldn't have won/he should have won" stuff that's been going on here for awhile now. I agree about Tiger and how he changed the world of golf. It also makes me smile that he's still playing, still winning tournaments and still a threat out there. The comparison with Yu Na was a good one.

I, too, believe Gracie is the future of American ladies. She may or may not win Nationals next year but I'll go down as saying she'll beat Ashley at Worlds if they both go. And then after that? Sky's the limit.

The fact that Yu Na Kim took 19 months off from competition and came back and blew away the ladies field to win Worlds is pretty amazing. And she is a good role model, skate-wise, for girls coming up in the sport. She knows how to do it right!
Thanks, noskates, glad to oblige.

The thing about Gracie is that, not only does she have the raw physical talents, but she seems to have (IMHO) the temperament to improve. This includes knowing herself (where she is in comparison to the field), knowing others (who is currently better, and why), and manages to retain a sense of balance, perspective, humor and humility. All of the early stories I read about Gracie being arrogant...I don't see that when reading these more in-depth stories about her and the lengthier remarks she's made. All of this implies that she's not afraid to look reality in the face with a very clear and steady eye, and that she is not fooling herself about the price that needs to be paid to get where she wants to be.