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I think it was fair that Denis Ten won the FS at least. The problem was that Patrick Chan was allowed to run away with the lead in the SP, and had basically won the title before the LP was even skated. My Mom actually said that to prevent that they should just skate the LP.
I think if it were the other way around -- Chan had a terrible SP and was 10 or 15 points back but skated a perfect FS with 180 points, and won overall -- people would be complaining that the SP should count for more.

To be fair, if it weren't for Ten's presence, Chan would have run away with the competition anyways. I think Ten's biggest problem (other than the 2F-2T) was simply the fact that he's Denis Ten, when you know Fernandez or Takahashi or Hanyu with the same skate would have received a much higher score than Ten received in the FS, possibly enough to close the gap. It really bites to see somebody with two clean skates lose to somebody with a heavily flawed freeskate. Even if Chan fell twice without the other other errors, many would argue that Ten should have still been placed higher in the FS.