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Thread: PERFECTION on ICE: The 10.0 system

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    PERFECTION on ICE: The 10.0 system

    I am proposing the 10.0 scoring system. It is pretty much like 6.0. Using the technique and artistry components. I think this system is easier to understand and better. Perfection is the goal for all skaters. But there are policies like if a skater falls or does not execute the program to perfection-they would automatically get -2 in the artistic component and technique. Ordinals will be determined by performances from the SP and LP.

    There are points to be subtracted for lower level spins and step outs etc.

    I think people will understand it better. For the PCS scores, it should be from 0-10 (all scores are averaged).
    For the technical panel (judges will score the levels, execution, deduct the necessary scores- rate it from 0-10).

    The ordinals will return. The skates must now skate perfectly to win.

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    But surely if they fell yet still were artistic and thus did not let it disrupt their performance they shouldn't get a deduction in that category? Good idea though!

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    100 point system would be better! And we should have a Computer AI on the judging panel to balance it out a bit with real data and facts in support where actual speed not just the way it looks, and variations, control of edges, ice coverage include actually length and shapes of imprints should all be taken into account.

    Judges are prone to get too easily influenced emotionally by reputation, by the crowd and by each other.

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