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Agreed. With Nationals in Boston as well, the opportunity for more major media coverage in advance of the event, plus the timing (not going up against a major sports event) should help with viewership.
I do not mean to sound pessimisitic, only realistic, but ... it could go both ways, could it not?
Boston is such a big sports town, it seems possible to me that U.S. Nationals there will struggle to make an impression on the public at large.

It will help that this season was successful for Gao, Miner, Castelli/Shnapir (and maybe for other skaters from Boston whom I am forgetting) ... and that Shibutani2 have roots there.

(Sorry for being dense, but was another major sporting event big-footing Omaha Nationals this year? If so, I don't remember what it was ... or were you referring to London Worlds vs. March Madness?? In any case, rest assured that NBC once again will go all out to promote the Sochi Games in general -- and figure skating will be featured prominently both in promos and in the Olympic coverage itself.)

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They will go up next year for sure, it's the Olympic trials.
Do you really think that casual fans -- large numbers of whom I agree will make a point of tuning in to Sochi figure skating events -- also will have Olympic team selection/Nationals on their radar? No question that Boston will be super-exciting to serious fans who year after year are glued to as much Nationals coverage as they can find. But will casual fans start paying attention that early?

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I'm old enough to have watched Jim McKay host the Olympics since around 1968. Nobody did it better or with more class. And of course how he handled the news at the 1972 Summer Olympics with the hostage situation made him a legend as a broadcaster of news not just sports.
to McKay. Completely agree that both the tragic events in Munich and McKay's coverage in the anchor chair transcended sports.