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Thread: Favorite programs this season

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    Favorite programs this season

    There was a thread about favorite programs for ladies, so I decided to make a seprate thread for all disciplines now that 2013 Worlds is over.

    My top 15:
    1.Yuna Kim's 2013 Worlds FS
    2.W/P 2013 Worlds FD
    3.V/M 2013 4CC SD
    4.D/W 2013 4CC FD
    5.W/P 2013 Worlds SD
    6.Akiko Suzuki 2013 4CC FS
    7.V/M 2013 Worlds FD
    8.D/W 2013 Worlds SD
    9.V/T 2013 Worlds FS
    10.Gracie Gold 2013 US Nationals FS
    11.Zijun Li 2013 Worlds FS
    12.Mao Asada 2012-2013 GPF FS
    13.Patrick Chan 2013 Worlds SP
    13.Ashley Wagner 2012 TEB FS
    14.Kiira Korpi 2012 CoR SP
    15.Kanako Murakami 2013 Worlds SP

    I am in love with W/P's programs this season-it's sad that they weren't able to compete at 4CC and at Canadian Nationals, but their SD and FD at 2013 Worlds were amazing

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    So, we should call this thread "favourite performance this season", we could have another thread to judge the programs as they are, not the performances...
    However, here's my top15:
    1) Akiko Suzuki 2012 NHK FS
    2) Carolina Kostner 2012 Italian Nationals
    3) Javier Fernandez 2013 Euros FS
    4) Elena Radionova 2012 JGP France SP
    5) V/M 2013 Nationals SD
    6) Mao Asada 2013 4CC SP
    7) Patrick Chan 2013 Worlds SP
    8) Elena Radionova 2013 WJ FS
    9) Yu-Na Kim 2013 Worlds FS
    10) Samantha Cesario 2012 JGP Austria FS
    11) V/T 2013 Worlds FS
    12) V/M 2013 Worlds FD
    13) Adelina Sotnikova 2013 Euros SP
    14) Carolina Kostner 2013 Challenge Cup SP
    15) Daisuke Takahashi 2012 Nationals FS
    (These are just my favourites, not "the best performances")

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    D/W World's SD.

    It was stunning.

    Everything else pales in comparison.

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    Chan's Worlds SP.
    Virtue & Moir's Worlds FS.
    Coomes & Buckland's Worlds SD.
    Davis & White's Worlds SD & FD.
    Elizaveta Tuktamysheva FS.
    Mao Asada 4CC SP.
    Carolina Kostner Europeans FS.
    And loads more, loved so many performances this season!

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    Jason Brown's JWC FS. Joshua Farris' performance at Lake Placid JGP.

    As odd as it will sound, Artur Gachinski's FS at Nationals...because he fought for it.

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    D/W Worlds SD & 4CC FD- these 2 performances are among the best ever for this team
    V/M- Carmen at Worlds; 4CC SD
    Moore-Towers and Moskovitch Worlds SP
    Kaitlyn Osmond- Worlds SD
    Gracie's free skate at Nationals
    Ashley's free skate at Bompard
    Hannah Miller free skate at Nationals
    Kostner- Bolero at Europeans
    Weaver & Poje- both Worlds performances- so much emotion and I love the Sound of Music
    Zijun- free skate at Worlds
    Murkami- short program at Worlds

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    In no particular order --

    Yuna's SP at WC (I find her music choice very interesting & I like this program though I know I'm an outlier in this regard)
    Yuna's LP at WC
    Zijun's LP at WC
    Mao's SP at 4CC
    Denis's LP at WC

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    None; I mean Yuna's win was amazing but none of the musical selections and programmes were really wow for me this year. Maybe Carmen by V and M but really a yawner. Not wow programs.!

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    Yu Na's FS at WC was great. I also really enjoyed Li's FS. Her arms aren't as fluid as Kostner or Asada, but she really packs her program with difficult steps. It's a travesty that she had 10th best transitions when her FS is full of them, and not just the same ones. She really should have been 2nd in the FS, but was hammered by PCS. Asada's 4CC SP was lovely to watch, especially after such a hiatus with the 3A for her.

    D/W's SD was also my favourite from Ice Dance.

    Javier's Euros LP was probably my favourite men's performance of this year. Some of Hanyu's SPs earlier in the season were wonderful.

    Pairs were meh. I think V/T's SP is too raunchy (I mean, apparently the judges bristle at Virtue/Moir's suggestive Carmen, but the groping by V/T in their SP is fine?!), and their FS while well-skated just dragged on and on. I'm a stickler for difficulty so I was thrilled with D/R's consistency with such hard jumps - it's hard enough getting the single ladies skaters to do 3Z without an edge call, and Meagan executed two.

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    Tracy Wilson keeps saying the judges didn't like the groping in V&M's FD, but you can't prove it from the scores at Worlds-if you add all the lifts they did and all the lifts D&W did, they tied on lifts. The rotational lift where Tessa is facing Scott while sitting on his shoulders (3rd lift in the program) was scored as perfect (only 3's counted). The major technical places where they lost points in the FD were-step sequences and the spin, where they went back to an old spin rather than use the one they had at 4CC's, and the first lift, a curved lift, where Tessa goes airborne twice ad ends up in a rather odd and ungainly position across Scott's legs (the judges could have conceivably disliked that lift for the airborne gymnastic style, the less than pleasing look of the final position, or the slightly less fluid exit. Most likely, the tiny negative the judges saw was with the exit.

    Generally, if the judges are not liking a program, you will see non-unanimity on a protocol item, and there was no huge discrepancy in scoring. In fact, V&M only lost the FD by 111.17 to 112.44 (1.27 points)

    If the judges are dumping somebody, I would expect to see the offending element(s) get lower GOE, and the Choreo, Performance & Interp grades take a hit.
    You will note that no judge gave their choreo less than 9.75, and 4 gave them 10's. For Performance, 7 of 9 judges gave them 10's They lost the PCS to D&W by less than half a point, and that was mostly transitional movements. V&M did more posing to set up their story than D&W did, and posing is discouraged as a transitional movement, so that should be a little lower (9.64 for D&W vs. 9.5 for V&M and in Skating Skills (which includes speed), where D&W scored 9.71 to 9.61 for Tessa & Scott.

    So no, I don't see 9.86, 9.86, and 9.96 (choreo, timing, & perf) as a ringing non endorsement of the program.

    Apparently, the claim is that judges overscore Meryl & Charlie because they didn't like Tessa & Scott's program Why would they do that when they have the direct ability to score Tessa & Scott's program lower without fiddling with Meryl & Charlies scores?

    Meryl & Charlie's FD was good enough to get a nice standing ovation from the Canadian crowd; I suspect their choreo, interp & performance looked pretty good live to have achieved that (and you also have to give a shout out to the Canadian audience for standing for them, too. It was very kind.)
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