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Thread: Worlds Exhibition on TV?

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    Worlds Exhibition on TV?

    If so, time and channel? Thanks.

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    Hasn't come up on Tivo programming. Given that NBC did nothing to highlight the 2 hours they did air, I doubt the exhibitions will be on this year.

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    ITA! Very miffed that they only showed Meryl & Charlie for ice dance (superb program and gold medal worthy, but I wanted to see more of the dance teams), and NOTHING of pairs! Boy, do I miss ABC/ESPN's coverage. The only bright spot in NBC's coverage for me (apart from watching the skating programs) was hearing Terry Gannon's voice.

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    This is making me so peeved. There's basketball all over on TV, several channels. Meanwhile, I had somewhere to go yesterday, and I missed the entire televised skating season. Drat, anyway.

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