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Voronov finished ahead of Gachinski at Worlds 2012, IIRC. And they must be okay with him because he was 2nd at Nats, with quite a score.

Either way, I guess we'll have to wait til June 1 to find out. Hopefully Artur gets at least one, though I wouldn't complain if it meant he could save his strength for the important competitions. Plushenko of course is the favourite for Sochi; but if his body fails, it's going to be one heck of a fight for the right to go instead.
You're right, but he was 17th to Gatchinski's 18th so not much a difference there, and that was with Voronov skating near his best. There is a chance Kovtun and/or Menshov could get 2 GPs without needing COR anyways as they both have had good seasons. Nationals was a bit of a fluke for Voronov IMO and he'd never get PCS like that internationally, and internationally he hasn't skated very well this season anyways. Gatchinski has much more potential. I don't see Voronov getting favored over him if it comes down to those two.