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Even if she found a partner so quickly, they won't make impact next season. Russia has four other good pairs, 3 of them made podium sweep at junior grand prix final, into which Gainetdinova-Bich did not managed to get despite having the jumps. It is great that Gainetdinova has the jumps, but as you see, the jumps are not everything.
G/B had only a double twist for much of the season and sometimes a weak triple twist, whereas the other Russian pairs got a lot of points for theirs thanks to their greater height differences. If Gainetdinova finds a taller partner (and lands her jumps), she could win the Russian junior title. There's no point for Russia to invest in pairs with only double jumps. To be successful in seniors, pairs now need two different triples but most Russian juniors haven't proven they can land even one kind. They're not as strong as you think. They're just benefiting from the weakness of the junior pairs field (which included the weakness of the G/B partnership). The situation could change a lot next season depending on who Kamilla partners with.