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But Tuk's PCS in the Worlds FS was 57.24. She won the FS at Euros and was on the podium, whereas she was 10th at Worlds. Her PCS scores in the GP/GPF FSs ranged from 53-57 even when she skated well.
57 isn't that bad considering she skated in the 2nd warmup group, after Lafuente and McCorkell bombed, and Leonova, who the judges would have been willing to give a big PCS bump too, didn't skate well either. Had she been skating in the ultimate or penultimate warmup, I bet her PCS would have been a little higher, on par with Gold, Osmond, and Sotnikova. Start order usually effects PCS to a certain extent, I don't think Osmond was really overscored, or maybe just slightly, in the FS but skating in the final flight definitely helped her not fall farther in the standings than she did and helped her PCS too. Similarly, I thought her score in the SP could have been a little higher even (I thought she deserved to be above Kanako and Carolina honestly) but skating so early probably held back her marks a bit. Tuk's PCS aren't great, but with her technical side being as strong as it is, the PCS are not really going to prevent her from doing well as long as she jumps well. She more just does not have the luxury of making big mistakes and still getting huge scores like some others because her PCS aren't super high and do drop when she makes mistakes, unlike someone like Kiira, Carolina, Mao who have that cushion to fall back on.