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OLympia, it was 1998 when Kwan did lamento d'Arianne and east of eden at Landover and the competition that year was called

1998 Equal World Open
December 11-12, 1998

Isn't it the Isu's complaint that brought this series, as it was formatted then, to an end? THe result was it was restructued to some kind of team format. Too bad.
Thanks, Icey. That was some competition.

If the ISU ended Landover, they showed once again that they have rocks in their heads. That show probably brought a lot of fans to skating. It was usually shown on TV on a weekend afternoon at a good time, not hidden away at noon, and there was heaps of anticipation about what the best skaters would do each season. There was just enough judging to satisfy people who like a competition, but even if you didn't care who won, you got to see exciting skating.

One person we've forgotten to mention for glorious programs is Robin Cousins. His Olympic short and long programs in 1980 were pretty marvelous. Oh, and Yagudin.