On Monday (local time, Korea) Yuna Kim's agency All That Sports announced that Yuna will be skating to the soundtrack of "The Terminator" for her short program next season: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtDI1LZw8jY

"It's a perfect vehicle for her robotic, cold, unemotional, machinery-like style of skating," a spokesman said. "Playing a technologically-advanced killer robot from the future is also a great way of intimidating her competitors and projecting an invincible, all-powerful aura to the audience and the judges."

Yuna will debut her program at the All That Skate ice show this summer in Korea. It will be choreographed by none other than David Wilson. She is yet to decide on her music choice for her long program.

[This is an April Fools joke. Credit goes to os168 from YNKF.]