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Thread: What are the most glaring examples of cheating using the CoP within the last 5 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    Hmm. Would you also give them the phantom "sequence" for that 3Lz or would they be allowed to put another combo somewhere?
    I would give them the sequence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snsd View Post
    So it is okay for Ashley to fall in a long and win because of her PC, but when it is Patrick that wins because of PC everyone has a fissy fit?
    Gold made the same # of errors as Wagner at Nationals when one considers her short program. Dumb comparision. Anyway one need not worry since I am pretty sure if that scenario repeats Gold will come out the winner next time. After Worlds I am pretty sure Gold is the new USFSA IT girl despite that Wagner technically finished slightly above again.

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    2012 NHK Trophy.

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