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Thread: Rise 1961

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    Rise 1961

    Not sure where this should go.... I didn't get a chance to see this in the theater (bought a ticket but ended having to stay late at work that night.) So, I had these on my wish list and a friend sent them to me as a gift....however, he noted that they were 1/2 price - $19.99 for both the Rise 1961 DVD, as well as the 1961 US Figure Skating Championships. He added $3 for Rise in Blu-ray format.

    The package also came with a small booklet of Scott Hamilton's favorite pictures.

    I probably won't have time to watch til this weekend.

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    Oh, man, really? I have to find out more about that.

    Now that we have YouTube, it's possible to have seen Laurence Owen even without viewing the 1961 tape, though I'm sure that's lovely. She was an amazing skater, and one wonders what turn skating would have taken had she had a full Olympic cycle to show what she could do. I first heard of her because Toller Cranston praised her, and if he thinks highly of a skater, I pay attention. He also was a huge fan of Janet Lynn.

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