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Thread: Favorite Costumes of THIS Quad (2010-11 season to present)

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    Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov:
    2010-11 'Don Quixote'
    2011-12 'Ave Maria'
    2012-13 'Ghost'
    ^ Can't wait to see what they have in stock this season!

    Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev:
    2012-13 'Tosca and A Man With A Harmonica'..(and another picture).

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    Quote Originally Posted by karne View Post
    I actually really like this one of Artur Gachinski's - 2011-2012 SP "St Louis Blues"

    I think that costume really worked.

    I also think Jeremy Abbott with Life Is Beautiful and spy

    Kiira Korpi- somewhere over the rainbow

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    I like so many costumes, but I think the best prizes go to Caro last two seasons, Akiko, this past season, Ashley Wagner is always on the best dressed list, and Gracie gold is eyepopping in any thing, esp this years red dress for her Sp Hernando's hideaway. She is just majestic. Mao is always delightful. Special mention for appropriate was YuNa's dress in Les Mis. Tough to look glam and poor at same time-glam won out. I like the shape on Yuna who is so thin, it filled her out. I disliked her Sp costume though, and I never felt she got her costumes perfect until Vancouver when they were just about perfection.

    I think Korpi is so annoyingly beautiful and I love her dresses. I wish Vera Wang would design something for Ashley. It'd be nice to see what she'd come up with for one of the top ladies, or have I missed something?

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    Agree with you on Yu Na's Les Mis dress. The tones are subtle yet up close one can really see texture and attention to details which are both appropriate (for the music/theme) and flattering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    I think Korpi is so annoyingly beautiful and I love her dresses.
    It's so true! When aftertherain, britebells and gmyers mentioned Kiira, my first thought was 'oh, this girl is just gorgeous whatever costumes she is to wear! she can do some justice, say, even to a dustcloth-like dress'.
    Same goes for Tessa Vitue and Elena Ilinykh! I Elena's Don Quixote dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by britebells View Post
    Probably my favorite was Kiira Korpi's SP dress this season (The Girl With the Flaxen Hair) . I loved the color, and the way it shimmered on the ice.

    I really liked most of the ones aftertherain posted... but-- and I know I'm in the minority-- I still don't like Carolina's Mozart costume. I don't think it fit well.
    I'm with you--I didn't like the unitard. I preferred the dress Carolina wore earlier in the season with that program.

    Thanks for posting the Korpi pictures. What a beautiful dress! I absolutely love that spring green color, so seldom seen in skating costumes. Korpi certainly has stunning taste in costumes.

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    I've already compiled my list of SP and FS dresses from THIS season (I'll post both on my blog later next month) but I'd have to really sit down and think about the last 4 years...that's a lot of fabric and sequins to consider!

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