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^ That must be the most closely guarded secret since President Obama was born in Timbuktu.
What?! Obama's from Timbuktu?! I thought he was from Moneygall, Co. Offaly!!!

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Is Pogorilaya a Russian last name? It sounds sort of exotic, and despite her blonde hair I was noticing Anna does have a darker skin complexion compared to most of her Russian teammates. I wonder if her father is Armenian...Pogosyan is a common Armenian surname and sounds rather similar.
I've often though myself that Anna doesn't really look like a typical Russian. And yes, her skin colour does suggest something more Middle Eastern.

However, I just did a search for the surname Pogorilaya on both Google (an advanced search for results without the word "Anna" in them), and on vKontakte. And most of the results coming up are of people from the Ukraine, or at least living in Russia, but near the Ukrainian border.

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And then of course there's Misha Ge. I had to look him up because he's a walking, talking United Nations: part Russian, part Chinese, part Korean, lived all over the place including the U.S. This is a guy who should consider skating for Korea, not Russia
Ge skates for Uzbekistan, not for Russia.
I think Olympia is referring to the fact that Misha Ge was born in Russia rather than mistakingly saying that he skates for Russia. (She wouldn't make that sort of silly mistake! )

But, of the options available to him, I think Misha has definitely gone down the right route with skating for Uzbekistan!

I have to say, I loved the way Olympia described Misha as " a walking, talking United Nations"!

When I read the phrase, I instantly thought of Nicole Scherzinger. Imagine if she was a figure skater rather than a singer. Who would she represent?

  1. the USA (via her Mum being half-Hawaiian);
  2. Russia (via her Mum being half-Russian);
  3. the Philippines (via her Dad being of Filipino descent);
  4. Germany (via her step-Dad being of German descent)

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Ashley Wagner, on the other hand was born in Germany.
The difference with Ashley is that she was born on an American military base in Germany.

Now, I admit that I know nothing about this sort of thing, but I have a feeling that US military bases are classed as American territory, and as such are run under American law rather than local law. Therefore, any babies born on the base are still classed as being American.

On the other hand, with a surname like Wagner, she is bound to have German blood in her anyway! But, I am not sure if it is recent enough in itself to entitle her to German nationality.

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Samantha Cesario - Italy once Kostner retires
Now I would love to see that switch! Cesario should have been competing as a senior for years now, but there just aren't enough slots in the American team for her. But, Italy would definitely be a good option! After seeing her at Junior Worlds, Cesario is definitely good enough to get into that team!

But, as Carolina was my first skating crush, I don't want to see her retire any time soon!!!