Obviously its olympic season, so we may not see many coaching changes but maybe choreographer changes. So, are there any you'd like to see happen?

For me:

1) Gracie Gold is very talented technically but she could do with a different & more sophisticated choreography style, so I'd like to see her get a new choreographer to help her PCS improve and become more artistically refined. She's got a lovely line so I think it would do her a lot of good.

2) Mirai Nagasu to go back to Frank Carroll. I can't really make much of a judgement on this as I haven't deeply analysed her performances with Carroll and now with her new coaches but I can't help but think she was a lot better off with him. But I understand distance was a problem and I'm hoping she comes back even stronger next season!

I will add more when I remember them! But, obviously, overall its up to the skater to improve and I think with it being olympic season we'll see so much amazing content both technically & artistically. I can't wait!