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Agree. He needs to 'crawl back to Krall' as I remember someone saying
Chan at Orser's camp may motivate him more though..stopping the falls?! But I don't know.
You can tell in the kiss and cry area that Patrick has to be the strong one - a coach should be building into and building up a skater not sapping precious energy - you can tell because Johnson probably knows less about skating competition than the diehards on this board she is more of a dead weight - l isten in and she doesn't have the pshychology or reassurance of a real coach - Patrick is almost reassuring her. She needs to be giving and he receiving not the other way around. It sounds so simple but Patrick you might be able to save an OGM if you start now. Work on another quad fast or you better clean up the 3A and 4t and lutz as well as make sure all your spins and footwork are level 4's. If he isn't careful he will be flipping burgers instead of having Macdonald's sponsoring him.