Okay, given that poor Miki Ando is so "washed up" that she can't get her own thread, I though we could continue the Mao vs Carolina discussion here. I'm not a uber fan of either but have found much to admire about both skaters.

In the last quad, it was very much Mao vs. Yuna, though Mao was starting to slip a bit toward the end of the 2009 season. That said, this quad has been a bit different then everyone's expected. Mao has not dominated as expected and despite a very admirable effort to rework her jumps, she finished third behind Yuna and Carolina and has not won a world title since the end of the last quad.

Carolina on the other hand seem to struggle in the last quad but really found her way in this quad. In fact, it's worth noting that with the exception of her two GP events this past fall (which she WD) she has been on the podium for every event she's entered, similar to Yuna in the last quad. Now Yuna has NEVER been off the podium in her entire career, she's got Carolina there.

That said, I think Carolina makes a good case for being Yuna's key rival, even its a distant one. However, one should not underestimate the grit and determination of Mao either. She has survived a complete reworking of technique plus the unfortunate death of her mother and seem to be in fighting form at Worlds.

So let's keep discussing.