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But isn't great height/distance just 1 bullet point for GOE? High jumps don't automatically mean +3 and smaller jumps dont automatically mean 0 GOE. Even if a skater doesn't jump that high, if they have good air position, good flow out, difficult steps leading in, etc. they should still be able to get +GOE.
What you said is true, to an extent. If you don't have great height and distance, it's very hard to get any flow in/out of the jump. With flow, you can do a lot of creative exit or extension. Physically, they are all related except for the steps preceding the jumps. Sasha should get +1 for that jump. Steps preceding solo jump is required. She would have gotten -3 if she didn't include any steps. There was a break before the jump. If you want to see clear steps/movements right before a jump, here's one. With good extension and flow on the exit, too.

Tell me what else did she do that warrant + GOE?
Liza is slow. She skated very small.
#1 - no
#2 - no
#3 - no
#4 - no
#5 - no
#6 - no

1) Unexpected / creative / difficult entry -
2) Clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element
3) Varied position in the air / delay in rotation
4) Great height and/or distance
5) Superior extension on landing / creative exit
6) Superior flow in and out (and in-between in jump combinations / sequences)

As you can see, Caro's jumps get bullets 3-6 even when she telegraphs them. That's why they are +2/+3.
Liza doesn't, and shouldn't get any GOE.