My biggest bet at this point would be Yuna (of course!) I can't see anyone taking away gold from her now... unless she does something terribly wrong. And it's Yuna we are talking about, I doubt it's even possible for her to sink that low. I mean, after this years Worlds... and she is existing Olympic champion!
As for V/T... similar situation! OG will be in Russia, so they are clearly set for win. So... for now these two (Yuna and V/T) have my vote, but we must clearly watch next years GP... and, with skating, as I have learned, anything could happen!
Chan in mens... after Worlds scandal, he must be as clean as he could be to renew himself to public... at least, a bit. But, it's Chan. And Canada really needs this gold... so... It's shameful to admit it, because I love mens skating sooo much! And Chan... I've never been a fan.
Dance. I will be "very" original and say it will be D/W and V/M! Obviously! Has anybody doubt that? And russians for third place.

P.S Thanks for your welcome posts! I'll try to post whenever I have something to say. But, I'm glad to be part of such a dynamic and interesting fs community!