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Thread: Il Volo - Italian Trio Singers

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    Il Volo - Italian Trio Singers

    I first saw this group of Italian singers on a PBS show last year. They will tour in the US again this year and have a TV Special showing April 13 in Detroit and in Canada and June 1 on the other US PBS stations. These three young men (all are around 20-21 years of age) have the most amazing voices. Ignatio Boschetto is a tenor with the highest range of the three, Piero Barone is a tenor with the most powerful voice and Gianluca Ginoble is a baritone, a real crooner. Gianluca won the Italian singing contest in 2009 in which the three competed. They were put together as a group and signed by an American record company. They have toured all over the world and have two gold CDs. You can find them on Youtube under Il Volo. Gianluca’s solo to Maria from West Side Story which is also available on Youtube is the most beautiful rendition of this song I have ever heard. Il Volo sing opera and Italian standards as well as pop tunes. Take a look if you like to listen to great voices.

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    Sounds delectable! Thanks!

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