Well, I certainly understand her wish to have a life that has been impossible for her up to now. I imagine that university must look so tantalizing to a kid who's never done anything but train. Also, I don't know much about the Japanese university system, but I get the feeling that it's not as chronologically loose as American colleges are. Here, people sometimes go to college or university in their twenties or even later, for various reasons. (They served in the military; they couldn't afford it and had to work for a few years; they are changing careers; or, like Michelle and Sasha, they skated during their teens.) A college or university campus, especially a large one, might have students of many ages. Can someone from Japan enlighten me on how much there is of this kind of age spread in Japanese universities?

I'd love to see Kanako continue, but if she wants to experience the outside world, she should be allowed the luxury of that choice.