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How long has Ten been with Frank Carroll? Ten has been with Carroll shortly after 2010 Worlds. It's been more than three seasons. Finally Ten has broken out at the last event of the third season.

True that Ten has artistry way above Lysacek has. But don't carry it over too much. I've seen many times Lysacek's skating much more heart pounding and fire filled. If you say that Ten's 2013 World LP was one of the best on Ten's artistry and refinement, then Ten is a hopeless case, because Ten's 2013 LP was very much reserved and nervously done. Lysacek was much better in that except Lysacek doesn't have a quad.
Right, and give credit where credit is due. Evan is a master of training and that shows in competition. He out worked probably everyone on the ice in the 4 years before Vancouver, and it payed off, as he was super well trained and so, he knew he could handle the pressure, because he'd done that program a zillion times.

However, this is a different Quad. He's not going up against people like Plushenko, Lambiel, etc. These guys are way above him in talent level, and I can bet you, they match him in their training. Sure, this was a whole lot of messiness at Worlds, but even through the messiness, there was a lot to see in terms of quads and technical content. Also, is Evan going to be as trained as he was in Vancouver,? I don't know. Especially if he re-injures himself, and give the way Evan trains, that's not out of the realm of possibility.

I put Ten's 2013 Worlds LP to the fact that he hasn't been there, in that pressure situation very many times. However, he handled it pretty dang well. However, I would say we should expect at least THAT (meaning, the level of his 2013 LP) from now on from him... and he should expect it of himself. If you watch Dave and Jenny's interview w/Frank, he says Denis is a very good student, and that's always a positive. Frank will know what to do with him to get him ready. I trust Frank.

(However, I disagree with Frank, in that I think Evan needs to do a quad in the short and at least a quad in the long if he wants to be competitive. But Frank is Frank, and I am not a world class coach.)