New article on Evgeni Plushenko entitled: Ilia Averbukh: “Plushenko is able to win Sochi Olympics”. It reads:-

Evgeni Plushenko [can attain]...victory, believes...Ilia Averbukh. [Averbukh states:] "I am not a doctor and [I] do not have the diagnosis [for] Evgeni, but I think that he will do everything to recover and perform in Sochi......Evgeni will not back down.....Basically, the set of elements with which Evgeni can cope, and his charisma give him a chance."

According to Averbukh, Russia should pin [its] Olympic hopes in men’s skating [only] on Evgeni Plushenko.
So, how much of a chance does Plushenko have of winning the 2014 Olympic title?