I think the only certain thing is that Evgeni's self-belief is unshakeable. He is not affected by anything. Mind-games don't work on him, pressure doesn't get to him, mistakes don't ruffle him. Whereas this new breed of men, the guys like Takahashi and Chan and so on, seem to be rattled very easily. One mistake turns into two. Or three. Or four. And suddenly, meltdown.

One of my favourite performances of Evgeni's is actually his Salt Lake City SP. Because ka-blam, he took a huge fall on the quad...and KILLED the rest of the program. Absolutely went all out and rocked the house. I just don't see too many skaters capable of that nowadays. Chan is like watching dominoes.

At any rate, we don't even know if Evgeni will be the one in Sochi. If he is fit, if his body survives, I'm sure it'll be him. But likewise, even the most ardent fans of his have to accept that it is just as much a possibility that this time might be one quad too far. That maybe this time, there won't be a glorious comeback, and it'll be someone else fighting for pride and glory in Sochi.