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I think you are not being asked because it's obvious that you will defend Chan no matter how poorly he did. It's aslo obvious that the ask-er was a Chan defender as well.

No, sweetheart, here you are entirely wrong. The only record that will always show is that Chan was booed in Nice. Who remembers now that S/P are OGMedalists in SLC. Everyone remembers that they are the hugest scandal in this sport resulted in CoP.
Actually, sweetheart, I haven't defended him when he does poorly and wins (assuming the other guys skate well enough). I've stated that he didn't deserve to win 2013 Worlds, and have said he rightfully deserved not to win here (and said 5th in the FS was appropriate for him).

Years from now, nobody will remember that some of the crowd booed Chan in Nice. But until the end of time, the records will always show he won 5 World medals and 3 World Championships in a row -- and, for now, Chan still has the World Records for highest SP score, highest FS score, and highest Total Score overall. Deal with it.

And I think everyone remembers S/P as gold medalists from SLC... in fact, they were the Denis Ten of that FS... went clean but still came 2nd to a flawed FS by B/S.