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Thread: World Team Trophy 2013 Ladies

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    LOVED Ashley's free skate here, It was the best all around skate I've seen from her. She sold it 100%, and the hair "mishap" only made her better. No wonder it was a SB score!

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    The hairography was better than her choreography.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolboogie22 View Post
    I like Kexin Zhang skating, I find that she is a really good technician and have a beautiful different position in her spin especially in the donut spin.
    I wonder why she don't express herself a little bit more, it look like that she doesn't enjoy what she does in the ice even in the kiss & Cry, she looks like skating is a job an not an activity for her.
    However, she is very good
    I think it has something to do with her personality. Hope she gets some sort of acting training to atleast get rid of the unbelievably low PCS. Below a certain point, there is just no bottom line how low the score can be; some skater can fall twice in the step sequence and still gets higher PCS.

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