16:50~ Ladies Free

Was so nice to see these young and promosing girls all together at 6min warm-up, who with no doubt will shine and lead Ledies figure skating the next Olympic quad towards PyeongChang.
I don't remember if I wrote it before, but I. Love. 6min. Warm-ups., whenever I go to live competitions. SOoooo exciting, fascinating aaaand nail-biting to watch all top athletes hitting jumps at one end, then the other end all the time; simply a FEAST for the eyes of spectators!

Loved Gabrielle's Free music, solid 3T-3T and her energy throughout. It semed, however, to me she rather skated ignoring the music a bit, maybe it's because the music was the same as Carolina's 2011-12 season SP. Ever since I saw Gabrielle at 2013 Canadian Nats on TV for the first time, I am her fan! Hope she will work more on her consistency on jumps and on presentation.
Also felt sorry for Lenaelle. Great short, then disappointing Free, a deja vu of Euro...Slowed down in the scond half probably due to falls. She needs to build her stamina to skate clean the whole 4 minutes, I think.

Liza, such a shame poppin the opening 3Lz and a fall on 2A-3T...Liza actually was on FIRE during the warm-up. Though she looks tiny on ice compared to other girls, she clearly does have 'presence'. Hope her knee is fine, and she will have much much better season than 2012-13 season fingers crossed!

Zijun was GREAT. She picked up just perfect program for her Free, don't you agree? Adorable music, adorable costume, adorable choreography, and very age-appropriate; something projecting cutesy and/or fairy that only skaters who are in their very early career as senior, freshly moving from junior circiut are allowed to skate and should be allowed for once. Throughout the season I have been telling my husband that Zijun skating to Sleeping Beauty is almost 'unfair' to other big girls. And reminds me of Mao in 2005-06 season skating to The Nutcracker and makes me smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Yy7V-q5jc
And for that matter, I felt sorry for Kexin who also trains under same coaches and has better jump technique, imo; she DOES need better program, music, choreo, even costume. AAAAand more SMIIIILE, please, Kexin!

As much as I admire Kaetlyn's maturity for her age, and while I quite liked expressiveness on her upper body in the Free to Carmen, some of her edge work was a bit rough, I thought. Also, I would have more appreciated more extended/stretched-out arm movements from her.

Zijun's and Kaetlyn's 'flutz' was obvious even from up and far in the arena, so that I had to give up counting each of their jumping passes...
One more thing I noticed during Liza's and Kaetlyn's Free skate: while their speed appeared decent enough to my eyes, especially they were going for a jump, they did not cover the ice as much as other skaters did...Too much choreography, maybe? Any thought, anyone?