As you all know the first of two roads for skaters to qualify for the 2014 Olympics is closed. Come this September, the humble Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstorf, Germany will be swarmed by skaters desperately fighting for those precious remaining spots to Sochi 2014. A total of 6 spots in the men, 6 spots in the ladies, 4 spots in pairs and 5 spots in Ice Dance will be awarded.

Though the event is months away, it will be fun to speculate based on performances from the 2012-2013 season who will get those spots.

A couple of things to keep in mind.
1. Nations who already received spots at 2013 worlds in a discipline can not receive an additional spot for that discipline through Nebelhorn. These spots are only for skaters who's national federation has not being given a spot already. If you want to see who has qualified already, see link below.
2. If a team/skater qualifies a spot and has not achieved the required technical minimums, they have until sometime in January 2014 to achieve it.

Let the speculation begin.