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Gracie needs more than better choreography or musicality. She skates like a linebacker and with the same posture too - she's my refridgerator break. She needs to undergo an Angela Nikodinov like makeover fast.
You're over-exaggerating, she doesn't need THAT much more musicality. She DOES listen to the music, or it looks like the she does. Her musicality is fine, it's really just the right vehicles that she needs.

My trepidation, as with others, about Gracie's long program this year, is that there wasn't much "depth" to it. The "Life is Beautiful" soundtrack is something that was wholly bittersweet, a game to save his son's life in a Concentration came. She played it kinda one-dimensional because the program was one-dimensional, which is the problem I have with that specific program.... but I think that this next year and years to come, she can and will handle more and skate with more "depth" or have a program with more varied emotion, tension, and impact.

She had a program and skated it like she is in her first year in Seniors. I wouldn't expect her to have the same level of emotional depth or maturity as Mao or Akiko or Caro, because she's 17. A first year Senior with 3Z-3T and 2A-3T, not too shabby. She's got a bright future if she keeps on improving.