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I think both Gao and Nagasu are liked by the international judges. Gao managed to qualify for the GPF afterall. I think both of those ladies would be worthy of the third spot. But Zawadzki will probably get the third spot, as the USFSA loves her and overscores her at Nationals (compared to how she is scored internationally.) But you're right that none of those ladies have any chance to medal (and will probably finish 10-12th.)
Gao qualified for the GPF (and placed dead last) only because Lipnitskaia dropped out. She's finally getting some international recognition now, but I wonder if it'll be enough to sway the US judges. Nagasu gets reasonably high international scores. What worries me is her UR problem, which is increasing in severity. Even at NHK, where she won bronze due to poor performances from everyone below her, she had 2 or 3 UR penalties in the FS alone. And the US judges have already shown a zero-tolerance policy for technical weakness--just look at Caroline Zhang.