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I hope that at least some of the answers are different in thirty years' time. It will mean that other great skaters have come along, and that the sport's best years are not behind it. On the other hand, I hope that some answers will be the same, because people like Curry and Gordeyeva/Grinkov will always be inspiring--and also because skating will always lose some aspects of excellence even as it gains others. For example, today the jumps are bigger and better, but often the blade control is less so, because people don't train in school figures.
I understand you, Olympia. But I hope, jumps are always important, even twenty years from now. This is a sport. I remember when the skaters had to do compulsory figures. But that is true, I didn't see it, because the TV didn't show us.
I just wanted to say, everybody wrote his subjective opinion, because we have no real aspects. How to compare Protapopov/P to Gordeeva/G? Or T/Dean and Virtue/M? Or Janet Lynn to Yuna? and so on...I agree with them, who didn't write ranking, only did lists.