Friends who just met up with her at Stars On Ice backstage told me that she joked that she's too old for Sochi, unfortunately.

I agree with zschultz's post about if she wants to return hopefully she isn't held up and nobody should hold it against her for winning and not stepping aside. People always got mad that the Williams sisters kept being in all the Grand Slam finals in tennis... well, don't complain, get better.

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My wish is Osmond and Lacoste!

Amelie has been on senior scene representing her country for a long time, and my belief is such skaters should deserve to compete at one of the Olympic Games at least before they retire, if number of spots allow it. Some may complain, "oh she's had enough chances alreadly, where she skated rather poorly only to blow them, so does not deserve a spot", or "she is old, we can't expect any much from her, better give a spot not to Amelie but a younger promising skater for experience"...However, in my humble opinion, wins (or loses), medals, placements and/or points are not everything that should count, do not always tell the truth and should not. Because these things are pretty much full of 'uncertainity', you know, due to many other influential outside factors; e.g. how other skaters will do, an undesired injury or flu, bad ice condition, unsupportive audience, who tech panels/judges are , and do not always reflect how hard skaters have been trained (or how undertrained) prior to competitions. Placements are merely its outcome afterward. Just like what happens in our daily life in our real world.

Canada got 2 spots thanks to Kaetlyn at London Worlds. I hope Amelie skates lights out at the Nats, place 2nd under fair judging, and SkateCanada gives her the nod to Sochi. GOoooooo Amelie!
I know you're a fan, but Amelie really isn't who I think should go to the Olympics... if she earns it, then sure. But as it stands, Daleman is a much better prospect and even Chartrand is technically more superior and more sound than Lacoste. I'm actually really glad Lacoste ended up 4th at Nationals because Daleman and Chartrand easily deserved to be ahead of her in the FS (and all had a fall in the SP, even if Daleman/Chartrand still had harder jumps).

I'm curious to see how Chartrand develops over the summer because her and Daleman are probably going to battle it out for the 2nd spot. On paper, both have excellent ambitious technical ability and it's truly exciting to put forth Canadian skaters who are capable of 3-3's and 3Z's.