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Thread: Forget Me Not

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    Forget Me Not

    Let's face it. There are just too many performances and too many skaters for us to give credit to and discuss them all. We end up forgetting or discussing far less these sentimental moments since obviously we focus on the most noticeable, accessible, recent, controversial, etc.. programs. Often to the point get the point.

    I suggest we celebrate some of the strong performances that maybe caught us off guard by skaters who are maybe not known, less known, been counted out, etc...

    Zijun Li's performance in the Free Skate at 2013 WC in Canada is such a powerful display of jumping and performing. Nearly every jump was done to perfection. The mood was never sacrificed and you could sense that she was building something that was destined to be etched in the memories of figure skating fans. Sometimes you just sense something great is happening and all that is left to do is to take notice.

    I was inspired by it because to just kind of felt like a dream. I took that idea and made a DREAMix video to show all of the great moments from that performance in slower speed and set to different music.

    Here is the actual performance in all its glory.

    Are there any programs that come to mind that warrant a Forget Me Not?
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    Definitely not a perfect performance, since she singled the 2A and even had a glitch somewhere in between, but Elene Gedevanishvilis 2012 worlds SP.

    Elene sadly is one of those skaters who never got to realize their full potential. But this performance was my favorite ladies SP at the 2012 worlds, and it gives a good impression of what she could have been capable of. I love the attack, the passion, the big jumps, and frankly - she looks gorgeous and hot in this dress Ahhh, back then, when it made me think maybe she'll get it together after all...

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    Mariah Bell at the 2015 US Nationals. Her LP was absolutely stunning and I think many people really started to take notice of her after that. Also, Angelina Kuchvalska's LP at 2015 Euros. Beautiful performance, and she placed seventh in the segment.
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    Deanna Stellato-2000 Kerri Lotion Classic

    She aced seven triple jumps in a performance of her competitive long program. I'm guessing her greatest performance ever. Apparently Phillip Mills did the choreography. Also, I like the music--The Setting of Two Suns. Has anyone skated recently to this?
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    Lukas Kaugars SP at 2014 US Nationals. I wish there was non-IceNetwork video I could link you to.

    He was spotless, flawless, perfectly clean. He only did a 2A, but it didn't matter at that moment. He was the music, not just skating to it, and his bright delighted smile the whole way through...he was skating in "The Group Of Death" (he skated just after Joshua who had skated just after Jeremy and was skating just before Max), but for a moment, he made you remember, that while not everyone at that competition was in Olympic contention, for some, there was an achievement to be had without it. It was so beautiful. And then when he finished, he was so happy, jumping up and down.

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    Hannah Miller's Primavera FS, any performance. That is what skating should look like.

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