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Thread: What are your favourite 'moves in the field'?

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    What are your favourite 'moves in the field'?

    From spread eagles to ina bauers, chocktaws to Mohawks. Three turns to rockers. Moves in the field are essential aspects of skating, especially whe it comes to transitions between elements. What is your favourite move or which is the move that you like doing when you go to the rink?

    We have a long time between now and next season. Keep the conversation going!

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    I just skate around the rink, but I Ina Bauers, spread eagles, spirals (would to see more men do them). I don't know/think Russian Split jumps count as MITF, but I'm a sucker for them!

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    I'm too old to skate these days, but when I want to jones on some really good moves in the field, I watch Kurth Browning's Nyah

    CSOI 2001

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    I always love a flying death drop.

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    Aaaah, it all depends, but great thread!

    When it comes down to specifically moves in the field, I love to perform forward inside twizzles, lots of fun are also hydroblading (backward inside) and sort of besti squat? Similar to the one done by Elizaveta in this years short:, except I do them on an outside edge.
    Though I love all of the above, the one that I do best and also like is Ina Bauer. I don't have the back arched yet, but it's still nice. At least I hope so.

    Other than that (because I see other also mentioned them), my CoE spiral is pretty good and fun to perform. I can't do a nice split jump (either russian or the true one) but it's sooooo much fun.

    When it comes to watching these moves, I think my favourite is a nice spread eagle, especially on an outside edge, maybe because I can't do a proper one. I also adore Sasha's russian split jumps and perfect Ina Bauers with a nice arch, like Caroline Zhang and Shizuka do. I don't fancy the ones with the back straight.
    Just to add, I love milions of twizzles and other turns/little spins in step sequences, it makes them so lovely.

    Here's a program by Scott Williams that contains the best moves in the field in one place.
    Flying death drop (huuuge) with a really short spin at 0:30, russian split to cantilever to spread eagle at 1:13, rolling on the ice at 1:39, death drop again at 2:30, this time without a spin, some non-listed jumps I can't recognize, spread eagle into push-ups at 3:00, an axel with a shot-the-duck position in the air with forward landing (!) at 3:38.
    And then, ladies and gentlemen, the coolest trick ever - barrel rolls starting at 3:50. I haven't seen them performed by any other figure skater, though. I've listed just the best moves, this program is packed with them.

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    I used to love russian splits and wish they would be incorporated more into freeskates.

    Love the cantilever too (e.g. Denis Ten's/Shawn Sawyer's).

    Ina Bauers with good arch like Hanyu's and Arakawa's.

    Jonathan Cassar's spread eagles are amazing to watch too.

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