The Original Dance was replaced by the short dance after the elimination of the compulsory dance. Both sections scored the program components out of 40.

The elements for the original dance were
- 1 short lift
- 1 Set of twizzles
- 2 step sequences (in hold and no touch)

If all were given level 4 the total base value= 4+6+8+8=26pts
If all level 4 elements then get +3, the highest possible TES=4+(1.5)+6+(1.5)+8+(3)+8+(3)=35pts

The short dance elements are
- 1 short lift
- 1 Set of twizzles
- 1 no touch step sequence
- 2 sequences of a compulsory dance

If all were given level 4 the total base value 2 would = 4+6+8+7+7=32pts
If all level 4 element then get +3, the highest TES= 4+(1.5)+6+(1.5)+8+(3)+7+(1.5)+7+(1.5)=41pts

At the end of the original dance era, the ISU began choosing more conceptual themes for this section which made it entertaining. Wouldn't it be cool if they could alternate between the two dances each year. Maybe to make up for the 6pt deficit between the highest possible TES you can get in the SD and the OD, maybe a choreographed step sequence in the style of the OD worth a fixed base value of 3pts with positive GOE increasing by increments of 1pt (I.e. +1=4pts, +2=5pts and +3 GOE=6pts) and negative GOE decreasing by increments of 0.5 (-1=2.5pts, -2=2.0pts and -3=1.5). This sequence shouldn't have a huge base value as this element is more about the style of the dance, rather than about getting a specific number of moves and steps in.

I miss the original dance a lot. I was really looking forward to their 50s, 60s and 70s theme.